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How we work

How we workGeared towards specific customer requirements

We see it as our duty to provide top quality and individual customer orientation.
We help our customers through the entire cycle for implementing change, from defining targets and analyzing the initial situation through planning and implementing measures right up to results controlling.
We structure each phase to guarantee transparency and continuous dialog with the customer.
We only become involved where it is really necessary, strengthening the internal resources of the organization so that changes are self-supporting where possible.

Organized in flexible networks

Our multi-disciplinary teams ensure that our customers are advised competently and in accordance with the latest ideas. Our team of ten experts come from differing professional backgrounds and so possess a variety of complementary skills including educational science, psychology, social and industrial science, business management, information technology, and natural sciences.
In addition to all of the above, we are also a member of the international consulting network of the amontis consulting group.
We maintain our own professional and personal development by continual training, individual coaching, and peer supervision programs. Our own understanding of consulting is based above all on the basic approaches of systemic consulting and group dynamics.
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