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Project management training

Project management trainingProject work requires cooperation across hierarchies and areas of responsibility and places great demands on all participants. Methodology skills, subject-specific skills, and social skills are indispensable prerequisites of successful project work.

We teach you project work by making you work on projects: Numerous exercises and business games form the core of our training, which we combine in both indoor and outdoor activities. Our training is based on GPM/IPMA and PMI international professional stan-
Our project management training is aimed at project leads and sub-project leads, project team members, and entire project teams, as well as managers respon-
sible for contracting out projects and designating employees to work as part of the project team.
  • Basics of project work
  • Tools and methods of project management
  • Moderating project work
  • Running project teams
  • Coaching project groups
  • Project assistance
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