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Management training

Management trainingManagers in their role as superiors take a decisive function in the success of their employees. They serve as role models, whether willingly or unwillingly. Their conduct and attitudes influence the behavior of their employees and so determine the success of the company.

We create a learning environment in our management training courses, which brings together intellectual, interpersonal, and practical skills. Managers who can see the effect they have on colleagues and who are willing to take a positive lead in using the full repertoire of management tools, will also be able to motivate others in performing exceptional tasks.

The integrated approach of our training courses and the intensive feedback sessions on individual conduct provide participants with new impulses for their personal development.We provide training at all management levels of your company or at specific management target group such as junior managers on a variety of topic areas including:
  • communicating as a manager
  • using management tools
  • seeing managers as agents of change
  • management by objectives
  • managing conflict
  • managing teams
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