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CoachingProfessionalism at work means doing the right things in the right way. This is an ambitious goal, but also a realistic one. In order to meet these requirements, we provide specialists and managers with the opportunity to confront the specific challenges of their professional role.

Coaching fosters personal development in a professional context. Coaching is a particularly intensive form of learning and allows you to make substantial improvements to your working practices.

The main function of coaching off the job is to provide the opportunity to reflect on and plan alternative courses of action. The coaching process is at its most effective when complemented by coaching on the job, when we can observe those being coached in their working environment and provide them with systematic feedback.

Depending on the goals set with our clients, we provide the following forms of coaching:
  • individual coaching
  • group coaching
  • team coaching
  • monitoring the introduction of cooperative approaches to consulting / peer counselling
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